About Us

Elements Europe is part of The Pickstock Group, an international group of companies specialising in construction, manufacturing and property development with an annual turnover of circa £200m.

Our parent group’s experience in traditional construction has shaped our approach to modular construction and ultimately has ensured a seamless integration between our systems in the factory and work on-site.

Flexibility and our ability to offer bespoke solutions to our clients is what sets us apart. Not only do we offer a wide range of systems to numerous sectors but we can also offer flexibility in the way we deliver projects, with the ability to act as a specialist subcontractor or offer the client a full turnkey solution.

We strive to ensure that both the visual and technical aspects of our client’s expectations are met using a wide range of materials and finishes within all of our Room Modules and Bathroom Pods. Our design, procurement and production teams work hard to create and manufacture the most suitable product for our client whether it be a 5* star hotel room or student accommodation.


Elements Europe’s factory production space totals 200,000sq ft with our principal facility located in Shropshire.

We are proud to be a UK pod manufacturer that controls the whole manufacturing process from steel rolling through to the final cleaning of completed Room Modules and Bathroom Pods. Following this the quality of each is checked and sign off. Once manufactured our in-house haulage team deliver the products to site for install offering a complete service.

Innovation, collaboration and commitment are at the heart of The Pickstock Group’s ethos, creating dynamic and forward thinking businesses. From concept to completion our teams collaborate with our clients to ensure that we consistently exceed their expectations.