Why use Elements Europe

  • Elements Europe is a manufacturing company with a very strong construction influence.
  • We understand the integration between on and off-site construction.
  • Our methods of manufacturing allow a high level of flexibility in module shape and size.
  • A wide product range allows us to provide construction solutions for the majority of schemes.
  • Elements Europe owns its own fleet of vehicles, ensuring the highest level of service in regard to delivery.
  • Being part of The Pickstock Group of companies provides Elements Europe’s clients with the security of a strong financial balance sheet.

What are the advantages of modular manufacture?

  • Quality – modules and pods manufactured within a controlled factory environment.
  • Improved health and safety and waste management.
  • Reduction in on-site deliveries.
  • Speed of installation – with our fully off-site building systems (Roompod) a building can be quickly water tight in a matter of days.
  • Faster return on investment due to expedited construction period, typically 40% faster than traditional construction, when using fully modular Roompods.

How many storeys and to what dimensions can we construct?

  • Full modular systems have achieved 23 storeys in the UK.
  • The only restrictions are the transportable dimensions. 4.5m wide and 13m in length are the largest full module external dimensions that can be comfortably transported. However, modules can easily be jointed together to provide rooms of larger dimensions.
  • Typically the majority of hotel, student and health care accommodation are manufactured within the parameters of 3.5m wide and 6.5 – 7m in length.

What is the typical lead in period?

  • Bathroom pods – 12 weeks / Room Modules – 16 weeks.
  • This period is needed for design drawings, material procurement and prototype manufacture.

How does it all fit together?

  • We use a stacking and plating system which is tested to be an independent and self-supporting structure. If there is a foundation sleeper wall system or transfer deck, we can fix as appropriate.

Do Elements Europe provide the installation crane?

  • No, we ask that the main contractor provides the on-site lifting crane.
  • Elements Europe will provide all required lifting apparatus including chains and lifting bars/frames.

What level of finish can you expect?

  • Room Modules and Bathroom pods are manufactured to full internal completion. This includes all decoration, tiling, mechanical and electrical fit-out, floor finishes, fixtures and fittings, windows and doors.

Where is the product manufactured?

  • The product is manufactured in the UK. All of our products are designed and manufactured in our production facilities in the West Midlands and Wales.
  • As a customer, you are purchasing a reliable, British-built product, constructed to the highest standards with quality finishes.

Who delivers and installs the modules?

  • Elements Europe operates its own fleet of in-house transportation.
  • With bathroom pods there is an option for the main contractor to carry out their own installation.
  • Typically the main contractor requests that Elements Europe utilize their own experienced installation team to undertake the install.
  • Elements Europe will always undertake installations if requested by the main contractor.


What type of foundation do I need?

  • The modules can be placed on a sleeper wall system so there is no need for a ground floor slab.

What type of facade treatment can you use with the modules?

  • The modules can be adapted to carry all facade treatments. For example; cladding, brickwork, stone and insulated render.

What is the typical wall thickness between modules?

  • Typical wall thickness is 220 mm – this includes a 20mm air cavity between modules.

How waterproof are the modules?

  • We cover our modules in a tailored waterproof bag which remains in situ throughout its functional life

What do they weigh and how are they lifted?

  • An average (3.5m x 6.5m) Roompod weighs circa 7.5 tonnes depending on the room make-up and content.
  • The lifting beam typically weighs about 1.5 tonne. We hoist the Roompods using these beams which are fixed by chains to steel channels on the corners of the Roompod which form an integral part of the shell structure.

Do Elements Europe fit out the corridors?

  • No. All wall linings, flooring, ceilings and M&E connections are carried out on-site by others.

Do Elements Europe include the service riser duct doors?

  • No, these are fitted on-site by the main contractor if they are required.

Do Elements Europe carry out on-site testing and commissioning?

  • No. All testing is carried out within our manufacturing facilities prior to dispatch, testing certificates are issued as standard. Further on-site testing will be required by the main contractor’s M&E subcontractors prior to completion.


What do they weigh and how are they lifted?

  • A standard size bathroom pod normally weighs up to 1 tonne depending on the size and the specification of the pod.

What type of floor build-up can you provide?

  • Our standard construction is a 70mm cold rolled steel floor base. However, we can provide a hot rolled steel box section equivalent which reduces the overall floor thickness. Thin floor and floorless pods are also available if requested.

Do Elements Europe include for the door and frame in the price?

  • Typically we exclude doors and frames and fit a sacrificial OSB panel over the door opening. This allows for ‘grain’ matching between bathroom and main entrance doors.

Where do the services go to?

  • All services are taken to the service riser which is designed to assist the main contractor with their on-site connections.


What are the advantages of the system?

  • 40% lighter than traditional build
  • The system is panelised and therefore produce programme savings
  • Most internal walls are installed as the build progresses so reduced programme
  • Very little waste or packaging
  • BREEAM friendly system
  • By installing the panels with cementitious board the worst of the weather is kept out of the elevations

What type of steel does Elements Europe use?

  • 1.2 and 1.6mm thick cold rolled C sections

What is the lead time?

  • 12 weeks