Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Utilising off-site Modern Methods of Construction can play a significant part in delivering sustainable buildings, adhering to Government demands for the construction industry to improve its environmental efficiency.Sustainable energy is about consuming energy wisely and using energy generated from clean, sustainable sources through best practice technologies. The rise in global temperatures has had a detrimental impact on the earth’s climate.

The construction industry has responded through planning and construction policy to improve building heat retention, thermal performance and construction through sustainable materials. The introduction of such policies, along with new technology, will safeguard the climate, protecting current and future generations.

Government has announced proposals that will enable an extra 3-million homes to switch to “green power” by 2015. This won’t be achieved by providing additional funding; instead the Government has decided to extend the “renewals obligation” (RO) which stipulates the amount of “green power” that energy suppliers in England and Wales must sell.

Elements Europe acknowledges such policy change through an environmentally conscious design philosophy, incorporating the following into our product range:

  • Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems are used within our modules – the Ventaxia heat exchange unit
  • The Ty Unnos Modular Housing solution complies with Level 4 for the Code for Sustainable Homes – the factory manufactured structure provides exceptional thermal performance which substantially reduces the building heating requirement.
  • All of our modules are insulated to keep additional heating to a minimum and to increase thermal performance
  • All of our modules have the capability to implement renewable energy technology. Our housing solution uses UK sourced timber providing a robust structural frame produced from a renewable material.
  • When installing appliances in our products we ensure, where possible, that they are UK sourced and comply to Install energy efficient appliances and lighting regulations
  • Modern methods of off-site factory construction guarantee the finish quality of the housing module also minimising the on-site construction delivery programme.