British manufacturing is first class. All of our products are designed and manufactured in our production facilities in the West Midlands and Wales. As a customer, you are purchasing a reliable, British-built product, constructed to high standards with quality finishes. You are getting a better return on investment through the speed at which our products can be manufactured and installed, so ensuring your project is ready for occupancy as soon as possible.

We are UK based and so can offer you:

  • Committed and trained staff from concept through to completion.
  • Reduced transportation distance to your site, so reducing environmental impact.
  • Bespoke designs and ongoing technical support.
  • Fast and efficient design, sign off and delivery.
  • Value added by the best process engineering.
  • Advice and expertise within easy reach.
  • Excellent installation teams and site managers to ensure the specified product is appropriately supplied.
  • Off-site construction with the benefit of reduced local environmental impact for neighbours through fewer deliveries and noise on -site.
  • Ongoing customer relationship communication and care.
  • By buying a UK product, you are protected from fluctuations in foreign currencies.
  • Accreditation to recognised international quality standards (ISO).
  • Reduced carbon footprint with products sourced as sustainably as possible and with a focus on waste and energy reduction.